Updating data security

We select the number of hashing iterations in a way that strikes a balance between user experience and password cracking complexity.While we don’t require you to set a complex password, our password strength meter will encourage you to choose a strong one.When you receive an email from Evernote, we want you to be confident that it really came from us.We publish an enforcing DMARC policy to improve your confidence that email you receive from Evernote is legitimate.Your data may live on the same servers as another user’s data.We consider your data private and do not permit another user to access it unless you explicitly share it.

The security team runs an in-house Incident Response (“IR”) program and provides guidance to Evernote employees on how to report suspicious activity.

Evernote retains your content unless you take explicit steps to delete notes and/or notebooks.

For information on how to delete notes, please see this help center article.

Evernote gives you a way to create notes in your account by sending emails to a unique Evernote email address.

To protect you from malicious content, we scan all email we receive using a commercial anti-virus scanning engine.

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