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So is buying, selling or accepting cards that you know to be stolen.

And, so is convincing someone else to buy something with a card when you know the person doesn’t have the means to pay for it.3.

Credit Card fraud, identity theft, and passing bad checks are similar financial fraud charges in Ohio.

Financial crimes like this (including embezzlement) are typically committed by people under financial stress.

Although financial stress is no defense for a criminal act, it does help to explain your actions, and may be a consideration in working out a plea deal or at sentencing.

More than likely this is your first experience in the Ohio criminal courts.

We have handled many bad checks and fraud cases in the Ohio criminal courts and have probably handled a few just like yours.

However, we know that all cases are different and we are interested in learning about .

Penalties for Identity Theft in Texas are as follows: Additionally, if you are convicted of identity theft, the judge can order you to pay restitution to the victims, including any lost income or other expenses incurred while trying to resolve problems caused by the theft.Credit fraud – Lying in any way on a written application for a loan, goods or property, or a credit card.This could include giving a fake or stolen Social Security number, giving a fake name and address, or misrepresenting your income, financial obligations and ability to pay.4. Fraud charges are generally misdemeanors or state jail felonies and range upward depending on the amount stolen.The police will rely on document evidence when charging you in a case such as check fraud or credit card fraud.

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