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A stream of cyclists moving up towards a cycle lane passed to the left of a near-stationary bus, well away from the exhaust on the other side.

But the camera showed the stream of fumes was being blown across the road before ballooning up into their faces. Buses and lorries produced by far the most fumes, but a few buses appeared to emit little more than some of the cars.

This broad definition therefore encapsulates a number of pollutants, including: ) and other greenhouse gases are not typically considered within this category and are treated separately on Our World In Data.The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is currently preparing its third attempt to get it right.A Government spokesperson said it was "firmly committed to improving the UK’s air quality and cutting harmful emissions".Apart from the occasional blast of fumes so strong it left an acrid, industrial taste for a few fleeting seconds, there was little to suggest there was anything unusual about the air.But, as crowds of people made their way to work on London Bridge on a breezy spring morning, they passed through clouds of exhaust fumes that could eventually make them one of the tens of thousands of people whose lives are brought to a premature end by air pollution every year in the UK.

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